Maria Martin Custom Art for Designers
Maria Martin Custom Art for Designers
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About Maria

Maria Martin grew up on the coast of Texas.  At a young age it was obvious that her abilities were in creating new and interesting things with her hands.  She loved to learn about different mediums and techniques beyond the teachings of her school and learning structure.  She followed her dream of living in Austin and attending The University of Texas.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design while double majoring in Studio Art.  

After spending over a decade operating exclusively in the professional realm of Interior Design, Maria began to translate her strengths in color, light, and texture back into her art.  In her exploration of watercolor, she allows herself to break through the self-imposed boundaries set in place by traditional use of this medium and creates more dynamic and compelling pieces. Maria experiments utilizing a variety of materials that complement and contrast the treasured elements of watercolor.

Maria Martin is an Artist and an Interior Designer living in Austin, Texas. She sees space and shape as a palette to create and embrace people.  


Maria Martin  512-627-6552